Original and compatible spare parts for hot-melt plants

Hot-melt guns

The dispensing gun is the final part of the hot-melt system and is responsible for opening and closing the adhesive flow. Each application and each hot-melt plant requires a specific gun.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply any type of gun:

  • Single module guns
  • Multi-module guns
  • Coating guns
  • Spray guns
  • Adjustable module guns for quick change of the adhesive dispensing centre distance
  • Medium and high speed guns (electropneumatic and electromagnetic)
  • Micrometric adjustment gun for special applications
  • We supply guns that can also be fitted with an internal filter, which replaces the one fitted to the external fittings. This is a very useful option in applications where space is limited.

Depending on the brand of the gluing system, some electrical (temperature sensor and pipe connection connector) and hydraulic (pipe connection) details vary.

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify the model of gun to be used on your system.

Modules for electropneumatic guns

The module is the part of the gun that opens and closes the flow of adhesive. It behaves like a pneumatically controlled tap and it is open when pneumatic pressure is applied and closed when it is not.

The module must be replaced cyclically, as it is subject to wear in both the pneumatic and hydraulic parts (the section that is in direct contact with the adhesive). When the module exceeds its lifecycle, malfunctions occur (abnormal or missing sections of adhesive) or adhesive leaks.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply modules for the vast majority of hot-melt systems, even those with special guns:

  • Standard modules (air opens/ spring closes)
  • Double-acting modules (air opens/air closes)
  • Spray modules
  • Self-cleaning modules (zero cavity)
  • Modules with micrometer adjustment for precise dispensing
  • Mini-modules for compact guns
  • Multi-bead modules for “labyrinth” gluing
  • High flow modules for high flow and/or high viscosity liquids

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify which module model to use on your gun.

Nozzles for hot-melt guns

The nozzle is the final part of the whole hot-melt plant and it is the part of the system that determines the amount of adhesive dispensed.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply original or compatible nozzles for the majority of hot-melt systems on the market and of various types.

In the photo above, starting from the top left corner, you can see:

  • Compact spray nozzle
  • Disc-shaped spray nozzle
  • 2 holes 90° spray nozzle
  • One-hole 90° spray nozzle

Bottom row:

  • Straight nozzle standard cavity (7mm)
  • Low cavity straight nozzle (1.25mm)
  • 2 holes straight nozzle
  • Single-hole straight nozzle (offset)

To the right:

  • Nozzle for hand gun (length 40mm)

Other types of nozzles are also available for special applications:

  • Nozzles for filling special cavities
  • Coating templates
  • Other nozzles by design

Our technical staff can help you find the nozzle model required for your application.

Electrically heated pipes

The efficiency of electrically heated pipes is of primary importance, as any carbonised adhesive residue inside them can clog the gun filter or clog the nozzles, making the operation of the system critical and causing numerous production stoppages.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply electrically heated pipes of any brand and any diameter, with various types of sensors (NI120, PT100, NTC, Fe-Ko, etc.) and equipped with connectors compatible with the most common systems.

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify the model of pipe to be used on your system.

High temperature solenoid valves

In hot-melt plants, solenoid valves are used in all electropneumatic guns and are responsible for activating/deactivating the module that regulates the flow of adhesive. Any anomalies in the solenoid valve affect the deposited stretch of adhesive, so it is important that the one mounted on the gun is suitable for the application.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply solenoid valves of various types that can work at high temperatures, which is essential to ensure that their durability is not compromised.

  • 3-way solenoid valves for standard guns
  • 4-way solenoid valves for double-acting guns (air opens/air closes)
  • 5-way high flow solenoid valves for double acting guns (air opens/air closes) for fast applications.

Solenoid valves we normally supply have a working voltage of 24Vdc; however, solenoid valves operating at different voltages, both direct and alternating current, are also available on request.

All the 24Vdc solenoid valves we supply can be combined with our drivers, which increase their performance and activation speed.

Our technical staff can help you identify which solenoid valve model to use on your plant.

Tank filters

Tank filters are placed inside the applicator and block impurities from advancing from the tank to the pipes.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply a wide range of tank filters, suitable for the most popular hot-melt plants on the market.

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify the model of tank filter to be used on your plant.

Gun filters and hydraulic connections

The connection is the part of the hot-melt plant that connects the pipe to the applicator or the pipe to the gun.

The choice of the connection must be made according to the pipe used in the hot-melt system, as it varies from brand to brand and also according to the amount of adhesive required by the guns.

In addition to standard connections, there are also fittings with a filter, to be used exclusively between the pipe and the gun (not recommended between the applicator and the pipe). The filter reduces impurities from the pipe to the gun, which could clog the nozzle.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply a wide range of standard connections, connections with filter and filter cartridges to be inserted inside the connections or in the guns that are equipped with them.

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify which model of fitting/filter to use on your plant.

Resistors and temperature sensors

There are resistors and temperature sensors inside the applicators, electrically heated pipes and hot-melt guns that can fail.

  • The resistor is the heating element and, in the case of applicators, is often incorporated inside the tank (die-cast resistor). In the event of a fault, the resistor cannot be replaced. On the other hand, if the resistor in the tank is cylindrical (candle resistor), it can be replaced.
  • The heating resistor and the temperature sensor inside the tube cannot be replaced in the event of a fault.
  • The resistor in the guns can be replaced.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA is able to supply a wide variety of heating resistors that differ in mechanical dimensions and power. A packet of thermoconductive paste is supplied together with the resistors, which is essential to prevent the heat generated by the resistor from being transferred to the heating body, thus avoiding overheating and damage.

Tub and gun also have a temperature sensor that varies according to the brand and model of the system (NI120, PT100, NTC, Fe-Ko thermocouple, bimetallic thermostat, etc.) and can have various diameters and lengths. This sensor can be replaced to restore the operation of the tub or gun.

Our technical staff can help you identify the model of sensor and resistor to be used on your plant/gun.

O-RINGS and high temperature gaskets

Gaskets in hot-melt systems are often underestimated: actually they are extremely important, since if they break, the adhesive starts to leak, often forcing production to stop.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply O-RINGS and Viton or PTFE gaskets in any size and for any plant, also grouped in a kit suitable for the model of applicator.

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify which model of gasket to use on your plant.

Armoured cables for guns

This category includes all the cables that connect the gun to the electrically heated pipe. This cable can be damaged over time by shocks or deformation.

The armoured cable varies according to the brand and model of the system. We can supply the armoured cable with only the electrical connector, or complete with heating resistor and temperature sensor.

Our technical staff can help you identify the model of armoured cable to use on your gun.

This category includes parts not included under the other headings

EMMECI ELETTRONICA is able to supply:

  • Pneumatic piston pumps compatible with various hot-melt systems
  • Gear pumps for hot-melt systems
  • Pressure relief valves for systems with gear pumps
  • Internal nets for hot-melt tanks (see illustration above)
  • Reconditioned hot-melt applicators
  • Control electronics for applicators

For any parts not listed, please contact us to check availability.