Our company sells hot-melt guns for many different uses, both original and compatible with the most popular systems on the market.

The photo shows some examples of available guns. From the left:

  • Preo single-acting module gun with standard solenoid valve
  • Melton single-acting module gun without solenoid valve
  • Single module gun compatible with internal filter
  • 4 module gun compatible with internal filter

Among the articles available are:

  • Guns from 1 to any number of modules with spacing on request for standard modules, double effect, spray (single or double effect) or multibead
  • Multi-module guns with swivel modules for continuous adjustment of the distance between the adhesive lines deposited
  • Spreaders with fixed or variable light
  • Electropneumatic guns for medium/high speeds
  • Electromagnetic guns for high speeds and for depositing adhesive microdots
  • Labelling guns
  • Customised guns

The guns can be equipped with a common air inlet or independent for each module (useful option for handling different formats)