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Emmeci Electtronica has been in business since 1997 and has extensive experience in the design and production of electronic boards and systems for the industry.

Our organization is able to design circuit boards, automation systems and industrial systems in less time, with the possibility of prototyping and also providing reduced production lots.

The standard production of Emmeci Electronics includes numerous devices able to manage and improve the performance of electric actuators, pneumatic and electropneumatic commonly used in the industry.

The specialization of Emmeci Electronics in hot gluing sector (hot-melt) has led to the design and construction of equipment specifically designed for this sector, such as the level sensor for high temperatures LEVEL-CAP and the loader for adhesive granules Easy-Charge.

To complete the product range ns. company is able to also provide for cold gluing systems (cold glue) and different types of systems oriented to the tissue industry, capable of delivering perfumes and essences or conducting ink markings on paper.

In the electronics sector have joined various services:

  • Technical assistance and training on hot melt systems
  • Supply of complete spare parts and systems for hot melt produced by the firm Valco Melton, compatible with the most common models
  • Supply of plants for cold bonding
  • Supply of fluid dispensing systems (perfumes, lubricants, etc.)
  • Special Industrial automation systems and assembly/bonding

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