Adhesive granule loader

EASY-CHARGE is an automatic loader for granular adhesive, capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability, silence, modularity and compatibility with the most common Hot-Melt systems on the market.

EASY-CHARGE offers several important advantages:

  • A drastic reduction of the carbonizations present in the tank, thanks to the fact that the quantity of adhesive present inside it is very reduced and the risk of its deterioration is reduced to a minimum.
  • The protection of the line operators, since the tank filling operations are carried out automatically, so they will not have any contact with the high-temperature adhesive.
  • The constant maintenance of the adhesive level inside the tank avoids production stops caused by a failure to fill.

The complete diagnostics allows easy understanding of the status of the system and quick identification of any anomalies (empty tank, open cover, no pneumatic pressure, etc.), with the possibility of activating an output to control optical (e.g. EASY-LAMP) and/or acoustic (e.g. EASY-BUZZER) alarms.

Modularity allows EASY-CHARGE to support up to 4 lines simultaneously, in a completely independent manner, even in the case of heterogeneous systems and from different manufacturers.

Why choose EASY-CHARGE?

  • Easy to install on both new and existing plants, as it requires only electrical and pneumatic power without any special calibration or tampering with the gluing equipment.
  • Innovative suction pump feeding system, thanks to the motor with agitator blade even compact adhesives are split and sucked by a powerful Venturi pump.
  • Charging speed. The high-efficiency mixing blade makes tank filling operations particularly fast, as Easy-charge is capable of transferring over 3 kg of adhesive in one minute (1).
  • Quiet feeding system due to the elimination of the pneumatic vibrator, replaced by the more efficient agitator blade system.
  • Modularity of the loader which allows to connect up to a maximum of 4 independent systems to the same tank making EASY-CHARGE an economic and versatile system.
  • Ease of use: thanks to the display and LEDs on the control panel, every part of the charging process is shown, making it easy to control operation.
  • Versatility: it can be installed on any type of plant, thanks to the fact that Easy-Charge is supplied with a cover that replaces the one already present in the applicator tank.
  • Remote management of consumption statistics and system faults via the DL-SMART accessory, which can be connected via LAN or WiFi.

(1) Data measured with adhesive in tablets 8mm in diameter, pipe length 5m and supply pressure 6 Bar.

Easy-charge is a particularly advanced loader for adhesive granules. It has full diagnostics, allowing easy identification of any faults in the system. The video shows how the loader works and all the features that make it different from other similar products.

The Easy-charge adhesive loader, combined with the DL SMART option, allows you to know the consumption of holt-melt on each connected line, valuable information for productivity evaluation and adhesive supply.


EASY-CHARGE brochure (ITA)

The world of EASY-CHARGE (ITA)

Presentation and features

DL-SMART brochure


EASY-FIL filter

The optional EASY-FIL filter can be installed on any EASY-CHARGE system and prevents small objects or dust from entering the applicator tank.

It also prevents the fumes generated by the melted adhesive from escaping into the environment.

The filter is particularly recommended in very dusty places where pollutants could infiltrate through the small ventilation holes in the hopper (e.g. sugar, salt, flour, construction adhesives, etc.).

EASY-FIL is available in 2 versions:

– Standard filtering kit cod. EASY-FIL

– High-efficiency activated carbon filtering kit cod. EASY-FIL/HE


Thanks to this option it is possible to equip Easy-charge with a function that allows to check the quantity of adhesive consumed on each connected applicator, allowing to create production statistics and to plan the purchase of glue.

The management is done remotely via WiFi or LAN and the data is made available in a database, which can be analysed with the supplied software and exported to spreadsheets.

Thanks to DL-SMART, it is also possible to obtain real-time information on the status of the installation by activating the remote assistance functions.

For further information, please visit the DL-SMART page.


If connected to the alarm output present in the Easy-charge charger, it allows to visually draw attention to the presence of an anomaly in the loading system, identifiable by the error code shown on the display present on the Easy-logic channel management unit.


When connected to the alarm output of the Easy-charge charger, it allows to acoustically call attention to the presence of a fault in the charging system, identifiable by the error code shown on the display of the Easy-logic channel management unit.

The 106dB acoustic power, together with the possibility of choosing the note emitted from 32 available, allow easy identification even in noisy environments.

The EASY-BUZZER is designed for wall mounting, thus facilitating its installation.


Thanks to this robust stainless steel support with adjustable foot height, EASY-CHARGE can be kept raised off the ground. This option is especially useful in environments where frequent washing is carried out.

On the EASY-LIFT it is possible to install the weighing platform required to operate the DL-SMART adhesive consumption measuring system.


Thanks to this repeater unit, it is possible to double the length of the tube connecting EASY-CHARGE to the hopper compared to the traditional distance limit.

The kit includes the repeater unit shown in the figure, the relative pneumatically controlled valve that feeds the suction pump and the pneumatic fittings to be installed on the suction lance inside the hopper.

NOTE: for the installation of the repeater unit it is necessary to foresee a pneumatic pipe diameter 6mm that runs parallel to the granule transfer pipe.


Thanks to this air treatment unit, it is possible to eliminate any impurities that may be present in the pneumatic system feeding the loader and that could clog the granule suction pump, reducing its efficiency.

This filter has no parts that need to be replaced periodically, as filtration is carried out using the cyclonic method and the impurities removed from the compressed air are eliminated through the opening of the lower vent.