Data acquisition system for EASY-CHARGE

DL-SMART is a system that can be combined with the EASY-CHARGE adhesive bead loader compatible with Industry 4.0 specifications.

DL-SMART enables remote management of all statistics, remote assistance and configuration functions for the Easy-charge granule adhesive loader, with the obvious advantages of checking line productivity, optimising adhesive supply and enabling easy and rapid verification of the adhesive loading system. The DL-SMART system consists of the main unit, equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (or LAN) interfaces, and a weighing platform on which the Easy-charge charger is housed.

The Bluetooth interface is used to configure the system, which can be done using the following tools:

  • DL-SMARTcom software for PCs with Windows® XP operating system or higher
  • DL-SMART app for mobile devices running Android 5.0 or higher

The parameters for the WiFi network to which DL-SMART is to be connected are initially entered on the main unit, and the weighing platform is calibrated, enabling the system to measure the amount of adhesive dispensed with a high degree of accuracy. After the initial configuration, DL-SMART becomes an integral part of the network to which it is connected and can be reached from any PC that is connected to the same network.

Why choose DL-SMART

  • Optimisation of the warehouse both in terms of the supply of consumables used by the lines (adhesive, packaging, etc.) and the control of the stock of goods produced.
  • Tele-assistance: thanks to the possibility of remotely verifying in real time all the loading phases and the status of the system, it is possible to promptly highlight any anomalies and machine stoppages on the production line, optimising the time needed to restore operation.
  • Accurate production statistics, thanks to the recording of the quantity of adhesive loaded and the time at which it was loaded. In the case of multi-channel Easy-charge, statistics are divided channel by channel.
  • Activation of the rental function for those customers who need to use the Easy-charge for a limited period of time and want to avoid buying one.

Software for managing DL-SMART

After the initial configuration of the DL-SMART with the DL-SMARTcom program, you can download the data for statistics and remote maintenance:

  • Synchronisation of the DL-SMART clock/calendar with the PC clock/calendar in order to have absolute precision of the adhesive consumption in relation to the production batches.
  • Downloading of the data relating to the quantity of adhesive transferred and/or deletion of the archive. Unloading can be done manually, with operator intervention, or automatically at set times. If it is not possible to download the data (e.g. due to connection problems), the software sends a warning signal, possibly by e-mail.
  • Checking the status of the plant and the operation of all parts (agitator blade, suction pumps, weighing platform, level sensor, etc.).
  • Selection of the location and method of saving the data downloaded from the DL-SMART. It is possible to save the archive in any folder either within the PC itself or in any network path (with the possibility of sharing the archive between the various users).

The DL-SMARTcom program is used to configure the DL-SMART, making it operational and ready to connect to the network. It also downloads data and makes them available in a database.

All downloaded data is saved in a file in MDB format (compatible with Microsoft Access), but the DL-SMART system is equipped with the DL-DataManager program, which allows you to view the archived data, filtering them according to criteria chosen by the user and displaying them in a histogram graph complete with details such as the total amount of adhesive transferred calculated on one or more channels. DL-DataManager can also export the archived data in CSV format (compatible with Microsoft Excel), to make the analysis and management of this data adaptable to user’s needs.

The DL-DataManager program allows you to set up a search using filters such as plant name, S/N of the Easy-charge loader and period of observation. The data can then be exported to Excel® or other spreadsheets, allowing further processing.

The filtered data from the main DL-DataManager window are displayed in a histogram graph complete with details such as the total quantity of adhesive transferred calculated on one or more channels.