Electrically heated pipes

The electrically heated pipe conveys the liquid from the pump to the delivery point. It contains a heating resistor and a temperature sensor. The temperature of the transferred liquid is kept constant by these two elements.

There are numerous types of pipes, which differ hydraulically in their internal diameter, the thread of the connection and their length.

The differences are also electrical, as the internal sensor and the connector to the tank and gun differ depending on the system to which the pipe is to be connected.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply original or compatible pipes for the majority of hot-melt plants on the market and of various types, even those not shown in the figure.

In the photo above, starting from the top left corner, you can see:

  • 8mm diameter pipe PT100 sensor
  • 8mm diameter pipe NI120 sensor
  • 13 mm diameter pipe for NI120 sensor

Our technical staff will be able to help you find the pipe model you need for your plant.