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Modules for electropneumatic guns

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply modules for the vast majority of hot-melt plants, including those for special guns.

The photo shows some of the modules that can be supplied.

Starting from the top left corner, the following are visible:

  • Standard/single-acting module (air opens/spring closes)
  • Double-acting module (air opens/air closes)
  • Module with micrometer adjustment for precise dispensing
  • Single-acting spray module (air opens/spring closes) with dovetail connection
  • Standard/single-acting module (air opens/spring closes) with dovetail connection

Bottom row

  • Preo New Life self-cleaning module (zero cavity) single-acting (air opens/spring closes)
  • Preo single-acting spray module (air opens/spring closes)
  • Preo Long Life (zero cavity) single-acting (air opens/ spring closes) self-cleaning module

Other modules are also included in our range. Please contact us for information or special requests.

Our technical staff will be happy to help you identify and find the module model to use on your gun.