Nozzles for hot-melt guns

The nozzle is the final part of the whole hot-melt plant and it is the part of the system that determines the amount of adhesive dispensed.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply original or compatible nozzles for the majority of hot-melt plants on the market and of various types.

In the photo above, starting from the top left corner, you can see:

  • Compact spray nozzle
  • Disc-shaped spray nozzle
  • 2 holes 90° spray nozzle
  • One-hole 90° spray nozzle

Bottom row:

  • Straight nozzle standard cavity (7mm)
  • Low cavity straight nozzle (1.25mm)
  • 2 holes straight nozzle
  • Single-hole straight nozzle (offset)

To the right:

  • Nozzle for hand gun (length 40mm)

Other types of nozzles are also available for special applications:

  • Nozzles for filling special cavities
  • Coating templates
  • Other nozzles by design

Our technical staff can help you find the nozzle model required for your application.