Tank filters

Tank filters have the important function of filtering out impurities that are sent through the pump into the electrically heated pipes.

Every time a foreign object enters the tank, or in the event of decay (decomposition) of the adhesive, impurities are introduced into the hydraulic circuit, which can clog up guns and nozzles through the pipe and gun.

The tank filter reduces the amount of impurities, safeguarding the safety of pipes, guns and nozzles.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply tank filters for most of the plants on the market, even for those that the manufacturers define as obsolete.

Some of these filters have the advantage, compared to the original ones, of being divisible into several parts, which makes it possible to replace only the filtering net instead of the complete filter, with obvious economic advantages.

Our technical staff will be able to help you identify the model of tank filter you need for your system.