In-line filters, filter cartridges and connections

This category of connections and filters groups 3 different types of articles:

– Hydraulic connections for connecting the pipe to the tank and the pipe to the gun

– Hydraulic connections for connecting the pipe to the gun complete with filter (in-line filters)

– Filter cartridges for in-line filters and guns with filter holder

In-line connections and filters differ both in their threads (depending on the brand and model of the system and the diameter of the pipe) and in the inclination of the connection to the pipe (straight, 45° or 90°).

In-line filters, which must only be fitted between the pipe and the nozzle (otherwise they could burst under hydraulic pressure and become useless), have the important function of blocking impurities that have filtered through the tub filter or that have formed inside the pipe, safeguarding the nozzle and the gun.

EMMECI ELETTRONICA can supply filters and connections for most of the plants on the market.

Our technical staff can help you identify the model you need for your plant.