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LEVEL-CAP - Capacitive level sensor for high temperature


General features


The LEVEL-CAP sensor is a level meter for liquid, granular or powder able to perform measurements in high temperature conditions (up to 200 ° C).

It can be used both with granular or electrically conductive liquid (es.acqua) which with insulating materials, such as oils or hot melt adhesives (hot-melt)

The LEVEL-CAP sensor is formed by 2 units:

  • Level sensor CAP-SENSOR
  • Logic board CAP-LOGIC

There are two types of level probes, both operating with the same logic board CAP-LOGIC.


The CAP- SENSOR/EX is constituted by a main body 80 mm long.

The electrode length is customizable thanks to the innovative modular system consisting of extensions of 100 mm each: one can thus obtain multiple lengths of 100mm.

Upon request, however, it is also achievable sensors with custom lengths and isolation electrode PTFE, for use with electrically conductive substances.
The CAP- SENSOR/125 electrode has a standard length of 125 mm, fully insulated PTFE for use even with electrically conductive substances.

The LEVEL-CAP is easily interfaced and integrated with existing systems, thanks to the presence on the CAP-LOGIC outputs of numerous card for various needs:

  • Output low-level relay with NC / NO potential free
  • Analog output 0-10V / 0-20mA proportional to the level parameterized
  • Serial output current loop for interfacing to particular systems (EASY-CHARGE es.caricatore)

LEVEL-CAP is also available in a version combinable with for adhesive charger EASY-CHARGE granules (cod. LEVEL-CAP / EC) with the housed logic card in a plastic container equipped with charging button and silkscreened panel as shown in the adjacent figure.

LEVEL-CAP can be parameterized by means of the CAP-SETUP software, available from Emmeci Electronics, and serial connection cable CBL-LEVELCAP, which enables the adjustment of the output switching times, the degree of measurement / speed accuracy, and minimum values maximum analog output, and also allows to test the operation of the sensor.


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