Set of 6 needles for particle removal

The nozzle cleaning kit 880I0029 consists of 6 helical conical cutters to remove dirt particles and adhesive residues from the nozzle bore, allowing the nozzle to be restored to its original function in all cases where the nozzle is totally or partially clogged.

Each kit consists of 6 reusable stainless steel needles with a minimum tip diameter of 0.2 mm, which can be used for cleaning hotmelt adhesive guns, cold glue guns and fluids in general.

The conical shape of the needle allows it to be used with nozzles with a bore diameter between 0.3 and 0.8 mm.

The knurled plastic handle provides a firm grip with obvious advantages in terms of handling.

The presence of a plastic container allows the cutters to be protected when not in use, preventing loss and deformation.