Programming terminal

The MC-TRM06 programming terminal has been designed to allow the setting of operating parameters in equipment manufactured by Emmeci Elettronica and also on customised systems.

A 22-key keyboard, which can be customised on request, a high-contrast alphanumeric display and a standard RS232 interface (or RS485 on request) make it easy to use and adaptable to a wide range of uses.

In the standard version, it can be used for parameterisation of the MC-PRG1 adhesive line controller.

For this purpose, the MC-TRM06 terminal is available in 2 versions:

  • MC-TRM06/E for setting the parameters of the MC-PRG1 controller operating in encoder mode (setting lengths in millimetres);
  • MC-TRM06/T for setting the parameters of the MC-PRG1 programmer operating in timer mode (setting lengths in milliseconds).