Programmer for adhesive lines in compact version

COMPACT-PLUS is a system for phase control on industrial automation lines. A typical application is the adjustment and positioning of adhesive lines for all packaging and assembly applications (box closing, labelling, etc.).

Thanks to its precision and speed of response, it is particularly suitable for use on fast lines or in particularly critical applications.

The outstanding aspects of Compact-plus are numerous:

  • The high number of glue strokes/pauses that can be managed: 8 strokes and 8 pauses;
  • The high number of formats: 16 to which it is possible to combine a name of 8 characters each that allows a faster identification;
  • Possibility of managing up to a maximum of 4 channels (guns or other actuators) completely independently;
  • Possibility of using an independent spray start sensor for each gun;
  • High versatility for the use of sensors (both PNP and NPN type sensors can be used);
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for indicating the status of the system (off, on, error, etc.) and easy identification of the fault present via an error code shown directly on the display;
  • A complete test procedure to check the operation of the spray guns and sensors in static mode (with the line stopped)
  • In-line help that makes it easy to use: by pressing a special key, instructions relating to the displayed menu are displayed;
  • Possibility of using a 1- to 5-digit code (password) to block the programming of operating parameters and formats;
  • Timer for switching the high-performance applicator on/off:
    • 2 independently programmable time slots are available for each day of the week;
    • Specific management is available for public holidays, allowing the user to program in advance (up to 24 days in advance) whether or not there are public holidays (on a public holiday, the applicator remains off regardless of the programmed time slots).
  • Interfacing with other systems: alarm conditions and on/off timers can be managed via 2 dedicated outputs;

The COMPACT-PLUS programmer is available in 2 models for use on different types of packaging lines:

  • COMPACT-PLUS/T: This is a controller in which the duration of the adhesive lines and pauses is expressed in milliseconds. This controller can therefore only be used on lines with a strictly constant speed, as any changes would affect the length of the adhesive lines and pauses.
  • COMPACT-PLUS/E: it is a programmer in which the duration of the adhesive sections and pauses is expressed in millimetres. This programmer can therefore be used on any type of plant, because the presence of an encoder makes it possible to synchronise the duration of the adhesive sections and of the pauses with the progress of the line. The presence of a sophisticated self-calibration system of the encoder and the possibility of compensating for the delays introduced by the guns allow very high precision to be obtained even on lines subject to wide variations.