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Maya - Marking system for tissue


General features

Maya - Maya

The Maya is a specially designed system for the Tissue industry and can be used in all cases where it is necessary to apply a reference on rolls of paper products cut from wrapping lines.

As can be seen in the underlying Maya photo takes care of delivering an ink strip on one of the ends of the roll to allow, to the cutter placed further down the line, to have a precise reference position on the cutting / trimming, ensuring a correct centering of any drawings or watermarks in relief inside the roll product.

The Maya is equipped with an automatic control system that keeps constant the amount of ink to vary the speed of the line, by stabilizing the width of the color deposited on the roll strip.
The parameterization of the system is via a PC with special software and RS485 interface.
If the PC in use is not equipped with this interface you can use the USB-RS485 converter marketed by us.

The use of an electrically operated gun, supported by a driver with over-boost that increases the performance, allows to deposit of a few milliseconds duration ink strokes, allowing the Maya installation even on high-speed lines ( superior to 600m / sec).

Click the image to view a demo video

The absence of the gun pneumatic control system facilitates the installation of the Maya.
The versatility in the management of command and speed reference signals allows interfacing of the Maya to any type of line (are accepted all encoders equipped with line-driver output, push-pull, PNP or NPN, while the dispensing start signal it can be PNP or potential-free contact).

The Maya can be interfaced with the new CS4X5 color sensor, which allows the use of invisible inks to ambient light and which make no influence any accidental splashes present in the final product.


What precautions should I use if I’m going to leave the Maya system used for some time?

The Maya, as all fluids dispensing systems, is tied to the type of fluid used (viscosity, solids content, etc.). Therefore, in the case of using inks that tend to dry out quickly, it is advisable to provide for the ink replacement contained in the plant with lukewarm water

I have to adjust the amount of ink deposited by the Maya. Should I use the PC anyway?

No, the amount of ink supplied is adjustable by the user through the use of the 3 buttons on the front panel. To prevent accidental changes of a key switch has been provided which allows to disable the buttons.
All parameters related to the installation on the production line (minimum and maximum production speed, line feed ratio <-> encoder resolution, etc.) Are only programmable via PC with a software version dedicated to installers (maintainers is instead it provided a reduced functionality version to avoid the modification of vital parameters for the operation of the plant).

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