2-channel driver board with over-boost

The HV2012 driver card allows to significantly reduce the response time (activation) of electromagnetic or electropneumatic actuators connected to it, operating at 24Vdc, allowing an increase in the working speed. The reduction of the activation time is obtained by sending an instantaneous overvoltage, which allows the actuator to be magnetised in a shorter time than that obtainable at nominal voltage.

The use of an instantaneous overvoltage allows the performance of the actuator to be increased without causing it to overheat or become damaged. The versatility of the HV2012 driver makes it possible to solve many problems related to the speed of operation of actuators such as solenoids, electric brakes, solenoids etc.

Compared to other systems, the HV2012 offers numerous advantages:

Easy installation on both new and existing systems:

– The HV2012 board is inserted along the cables connecting the actuator to the control system (PLC, cam-controller, etc.) without requiring any special precautions.

– It only requires a 24Vdc power supply for operation, thanks to the internal converter that generates the excitation overvoltage.

– Can be interfaced with both PNP and NPN logic control systems.

Protection of the actuators: the overvoltage pulse lasts only a few msec, thus avoiding overheating of the controlled coils, with the possibility of damage, typical of systems in which the actuators are supplied at voltages higher than the nominal one.