The Messier MC 42 App guarantees simple and smooth remote management of the Messier MC 42 sprayer.

It allows the system to be restarted, the quantity of liquid sprayed and the photocells for the passage of the panels to be adjusted.

It also allows programming of all the parameters of the wood edge cleaning system and dynamic testing of all its parts.

Connection is via Bluetooth.

More specifically:

  • System restart/alarm reset: allows the board to be restarted or alarms to be reset.
  • Gun and photocell test: this function checks the operation of the dispensing guns, allowing precise adjustment of the quantity of liquid sprayed. It is also possible to check the operation of the photocells that verify the presence of the panels.
  • Set the number of panels not to be sprayed: this allows you to program how often the liquid spray is to be activated. This function is usually used for spraying the liquid on the edge pressing roller, where spraying for each panel in transit would be excessive.
  • Enable/exclude sensors: this function, available only in systems equipped with the dispensing verification option, allows you to enable or disable the control of actual dispensing on one or more guns.
  • Dispensing tolerance: this function, available only in plants equipped with the dispensing verification option, allows you to set the variation in the quantity of liquid dispensed necessary to activate the alarm.

The Messier MC42 App allows you to manage the Messier MC42 from your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Using the MC42 App it is possible to set the operating parameters of the plant, test the operation of the plant (guns, photocells, flow control sensors, etc.) and check the quantity of liquid dispensed.