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NOZZLECALC - Software for selecting the type of 2-holes nozzle


General features


The NozzleCalc software, produced by Emmeci Elettronica, is used to select the type of 2-holes nozzle most suitable for the application requested.
Basically, the NozzleCalc software requests the data related to the required result (distance between the 2 sections deposited) and the distance between the nozzle outlet and the substratum to be glued; based on these data, it suggests the angle of the 2 holes requested to obtain the required result.
If you also enter a pair of additional data (diameter of the nozzle holes and the type of nozzle, straight or 90°) NozzleCalc suggests the model of nozzle of Melton standard production most suitable for the required result.

  • Minimum system requirements:
  • Operating system: WindowsTM 95, 98 , ME ,NT4, 2000, XP
  • Computer: 100% WindowsTM compatible
  • CPU: 200MHz or superior

WindowsTM is a registered trade mark owned by Microsoft Corporation


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