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NeptunePlus-COM - Programming software for NEPTUNE-PLUS driver.


General features

NeptunePlus-COM - NeptunePlus-COM
The NeptunePlus-COM software is utilized to set the operational parameters and configurations in NEPTUNE-PLUS driver through a PC,
so that the data stored in it can be stored on the disk or vice versa. Programming is via PC with a USB  RS485 adapter.
You can set the following data using the NeptunePlus-COM software:
  • Programming the link between inputs and outputs (setting the truth table)
  • Programming of the functions of the special inputs I7-I8-I9
  • Programming modes of operation (duration timings, operating modes, etc.)
  • Transfer and read set data
  • Testing inputs and outputs
With this version of the NEPTUNE-PLUS driver software you can toggle the adhesive stroke fragmentation feature.
Minimum system requirements:
  • Operating system: WindowsTM XP or newer
  • Computer: 100% WindowsTM compatible with RS485 serial port
  • CPU: 200MHz o higher

WindowsTM is a registered trademark owned by Microsoft Corporation.


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