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Neptune6 - Programmable driver with over-boost


General features

Neptune6 - Neptune6

The NEPTUNE6 driver has been designed to solve many problems related to the intervention speed of electromechanical actuators or electro-powered 24VDC (solenoid valves, electric brakes, solenoids, etc.).
Using the NEPTUNE6 is possible to significantly reduce the response (activation time) of the actuators connected to it, allowing an increase of the working speed. The reduction of the activation time is obtained by the sending of an instantaneous overvoltage, which makes it possible to magnetize the actuator in a shorter time than would be obtainable at the nominal voltage of 24VDC. The use of an instantaneous overvoltage allows to increase the performance of the actuator without causing overheating or damage.

The driver with over-boost NEPTUNE 6 is equipped with 6 inputs that can be combined with 2 outputs via user-programmed functions, which can not only determine which conditions cause the activation of outputs, but also set the activation times and enable any memory functions (start / stop function), useful, for example, for driving brake-clutch assemblies.

Through Neptune6 it is therefore possible to perform numerous functions that normally require an increase in the complexity of the control panel such as:

  • Significant reduction of the time required to switch the actuator from the rest condition to the working position (in the case of solenoid valves the time is reduced by 30-50%)
  • of an actuator activation functions with the simultaneous presence of several control signals
  • Control of an actuator with very precise timing and strictly constant, even in the presence of irregular duration control signals
  • Possibility of controlling the actuator not in a continuous manner, but fragmented (with working time and user-programmable pause), for the entire duration of the control signal. This function, in the field of dispensing adhesives, allows to obtain a considerable saving on the amount of the deposited adhesive, with great advantages both in economic and environmental terms.
  • Command brake / clutch groups with reduction of the switching time between the condition of braking and the clutch engagement.

The NEPTUNE6 comes with software NEPTUNE6-Com that allows you to set all operation parameters via PC with an RS232 serial port (see USB – RS232 adapter to add the RS232 serial port on PCs that do not have them).

The NEPTUNE6 is equipped with self-diagnostic functions that reveal any abnormalities on the load (disconnected, overload) and on the internal temperature of the driver (overheating) that increase the reliability and help the identification of working conditions altered.

Compared to other systems, the NEPTUNE6 driver offers several advantages:

Ease of Installation both new installations and for existing ones:

  • The NEPTUNE6 card is inserted along the cables that connect the actuator to the control system (PLC, cam-controller etc.) Without requiring special precautions.
  • For its operation needs only supply voltage to 24VDC, thanks to the internal converter that generates the overvoltage excitation.

of the actuators Safeguarding: The overvoltage pulse has a duration of a few msec, so you avoid the overheating of the controlled coils, with the possibility of damage, typical of systems in which the actuators are powered at voltages higher than the nominal one.

Programmability of the pulse duration overvoltage (over-boost), the activation time of the outputs and functions related to the activation of the outputs (combination of inputs, storage functions, etc.). They are also programmable conditions that signal anomalies.

Simplicity: setup, installation and verification of operation, thanks to the use of free software NEPTUNE6-Com for systems with Windows ™ XP or higher operating system.

Technical details

DIMENSIONS (lenght x width x height) 45 x 115 x 120 mm
CONNECTIONS Extractable screw-on terminals for cable Ø max.1,5mm
PILOT VOLTAGE 18-30 Vcc (NPN or PNP command) with input resistance 1Kohm
TYPE OF OUTPUTS PNP logic with built-in transient suppressor

The technical manual of the NEPTUNE6 driver is included in the guide of the Neptune6-Com software.


What are the products drivers from Emmeci Electronics?

The drivers are electronic cards specially designed to activate a host of devices normally used in industrial automation, such as solenoid valves, electromagnets, brake-clutch assemblies, etc.
All Emmeci Electronics drivers are also equipped with the over-boost function, which allows to make faster the activation of the connected device. With Emmeci driver is possible, for example, make faster the operation of the guns for hot or cold glue, allowing the deposition of adhesive points very small even on high-speed lines.

What is the overboost?

It’s a function, present in all the products drivers from Emmeci Electronics, which makes faster the device controlled by the driver. For more information read the previous FAQ.

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