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Messier MC 42 App - Application for programming and managing Messier MC 42

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Messier MC 42 App - Messier MC 42 App


Messier MC 42 App is a free application used to set up the operational parameters and configurations of Messier MC 42 sprayer via an Android smartphone or tablet.
The connection does not require cables or other devices, as it uses the Bluetooth interface. The App is also available on the Google Play Store©



In detail:

  • System reset/alarm reset: allows the restart of Messier MC 42 or the alarms reset.
  • Test sprayers and photocells: this function verifies the operation of the dispensing guns, allowing the precise regulation of the amount of sprayed liquid. You can also control how photocells that check for panels work.
  • Set the number of panels not to be sprayed: allows you to program after how many panels the spraying of the liquid need to be activated. This function is usually used to spray the liquid on the edge pressing roller, where dispensing for each panel in transit would be excessive.
  • Enable/exclude senors: this feature, only available in plants with the dispensing verification option, allows you to insert or exclude the control of the actual dispensing on one or more sprayers.
  • Dispencing tolerance: this feature, only available in plants with dispensing verification option, allows you to set variation on the amount of liquid dispensed necessary to activate the alarm.

Note: to use the App downloaded from our site you need to enable the option to install files from unknown sources (outside the Google Play Store©). This feature is available in the Settings/Security path.

If you download it from the Google Play Store© you don’t have to enable this feature.


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