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Messier MC 42 - Sprayer

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General features

Messier MC 42 - Messier MC 42

The MESSIER MC 42 liquid dispensing system is a plant to be installed on sizing edge banders machines for wood panels; it allows to improve the quality of the final product and to extend the life of the processing tools.

Through MESSIER MC 42 it is possible to dispense all types of liquids used during the processing of the panel:

  • Detaching liquid (anti-adherent): if sprayed on top and bottom face of the panel this liquid prevents the adhesive leaked during the pressing of the edge from adhereing to surfaces, which would make them opaque and aesthetically unpleasant.
  • Antistatic and cooling liquid: makes the cooling of the leaked adhesive faster, safeguarding the processing tools (cutters, etc.) from glue residues. It also acts as an antistatic layer, reducing the adherence of the dust on the panel.
  • Cleaning liquid: improves the operation of the part finishing tools (glue-scraper and/or brushes), allowing the elimination of the last adhesive residues.

Thanks to the use of high-efficiency nebulizers MESSIER MC 42 guarantees results that other similar systems can not ensure: the liquid is distributed evenly, ensuring optimal results and taking advantage of it without any waste.

MESSIER UC flow control option can detect any anomalies in the amount of liquid dispensed, highlighting anomalies due to tank depletion, blockage of spray nozzles or problems with the pneumatic system.

Using the optional Bluetooth interface, you can control MESSIER MC 42 from your PC or mobile device.

Why choose MESSIER MC 42 instead of other plants?

Efficiency: thanks to the use of particularly effective sprayers, which distribute the liquid more evenly than those normally used, leading to a saving of liquid with the same results.

Quality of results: thanks to the optional control system that continuously monitors the correct dispensing of the liquid, reporting anomalies.

Versatility: as it can handle up to 4 sprayers via 2 different panel detecting sensors, giving more freedom than other plants.

Programmability: for each output you can set how many panels must pass before the liquid is dispensed, which is very useful in the dispensing station on the edge pressing drum. This function eliminates excesses of liquid that would worsen the final result.

Safety: thanks to the function that shuts down the sprayers in case the panel stops under the piece reading photocells.

Innovation: the ability to control and program all functions remotely, with an App for Android devices, allows a comfortable use even on double-shoulder lines.

Technical details

Messier MC 42 technical features

POWER SUPPLY Between 110-240 Vac
PNEUMATIC POWER Dry air, not lubricated, filtered 5 microns, entry tube 8 mm, maximum operating temperature 43 degrees C
EXERCISE AIR PRESSURE Between 6 – 8 bars
NOISE < 50 db
LIQUID DISPENSING DELAY Programmable 1 to 10 panels
CONNECTIVITY INTERFACE Bluetooth for connecting to a PC or mobile device

The control unit

The figure above shows the front panel of the MESSIER MC 42 system control unit. You can see: 1) System on/off switch; 2) Spy on the plant; 3) Plant anomaly light; 4) Active gun lights (one per channel),, 5)  System diagnostic lights (liquid quality control dispensed); 6) Panel presence sensors lights;


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