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MC-SSR/AC - Solid state relay


General features


MC-SSR/AC is a solid state relay for piloting loads in alternating current.

It is particularly suitable for replacing electro-mechanical relays in applications that require speed, repeatability and durability.

It is available in two versions:

  • MC-SSR/AC30 for piloting loads at 30Vac
  • MC-SSR/AC220 for piloting loads at 230Vac

Its compactness makes it suitable for use in systems where the space occupied is of crucial importance.

Technical details

DIMENSIONS (lenght x width x height) 93 x 30 x 56 mm
CONNECTIONS Extractable screw-on terminals for cable Ø max.1.5 mm
  • MC-SSR/AC30: MAX 30Vac
  • MC-SSR/AC220: MAX 230Vac

* Maximum ambient temperature withstood by the device used in maximum load conditions.


Can I use the SSR in any application?

Generally it is possible to replace any electromechanical relay with an equivalent SSR considering some aspects:

  1. The SSR are equipped with only the normally open contact (NO), then it can not be used as a normally closed contact (NC) or exchange
  2. The SSR have a field of use of the well-defined output contact: exist relay for direct current, relay for alternating current and also the output contacts have the voltage limits and usage current generally more restrictive than those of a common electromechanical relay
  3. SSR, especially those suitable for alternating currents, have a weak current that circulates within them (loss) of current even in conditions of relay not activated. These currents can be comprised between a few uA and some mA, value higher than that of electromechanical contacts, which in fact are devoid of current loss.
Normally I use electromechanical relays. Why should I use solid state relay (SSR)?

The SSR, over electromechanical relays, offer some advantages:

  • The total absence of electrical contacts or moving parts lengthens its life to a virtually infinite amount of time and also makes it more resistant to mechanical vibrations or to shock
  • The use of electronic components for the activation of the output lead to a greater input control sensitivity, which translates into the possibility to drive the SSR with a field of voltages far higher than that of electromechanical relays
  • The SSR are much faster than the corresponding electromechanical models, since the replacement of moving parts
    high-speed electronic components greatly reduces the time taken for the activation and deactivation of the output
  • The products from SSR Emmeci Electronics are also already equipped internally with devices for the reduction of the generated voltage surges
    piloted by inductive loads (high diodes velcotà), eliminating the need of having to be installed externally to the relay.

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