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UVA LED lamps - Emmeci Elettronica è in grado di realizzare lampade a led


General features

UVA LED lamps - UVA LED lamps

Emmeci Electronics is able to realize LED lamps with shapes and sizes on request having emission in the low band of ultraviolet rays (UVA) suitable for various uses in industry:

  • Curing of UV adhesives
  • Highlighting imperfections on supports and materials of various types (eg. Paper, textiles etc.)
  • Verify the authenticity of euro notes
  • Revelation of the fluorescence of plastic materials, minerals, colored pigments etc.

In the pictures below you can see the effect of UV rays on the fluorescent pigments. As you can see a fluorescent yellow color, barely perceptible to visible light, it becomes much more contrasted in the presence of UV rays.


Compared to other technologies employing those lamps LED offer many advantages:

  • Instant On (not require time for the typical of other UV lamps heating)
  • They are suitable for intermittent operation with a number of on/off cycles
  • Ability to perform even complex forms also suitable for the curing of small parts or particular perimeters
  • Improved light intensity/power consumption ratio
  • Upper Duration with respect to the gas-discharge lamps
  • virtually absent Heating
  • Operation with low supply voltages

The pictures that follow relate to a lamp 165 LEDs with a peak emission in the 400-410nm band (UVA) used for the polymerization of a UV adhesive.

The high light intensity (7000MCD each LED) combined with the localization of the LEDs only in the area that must be glued, allow the adhesive to cure in about 1′, allowing to achieve high productivity.

The power of the lamp is 24V DC with a power of 17W, significantly lower value than the power required by a group of discharge lamps with comparable light intensity gas.

The lamp has been applied on a semi-automatic line for assembling a particular polycarbonate. The use of LED lamps, suitable for intermittent operation, it has allowed the ignition only during the period in which the adhesive is required polymerization

During the remaining stages of processing (adhesive deposition, coupling of the pieces, etc.) The lamps remain off with numerous advantages:

  • Reduction of risks associated with accidental polymerization or premature adhesive
  • Reduction of the precautions that the operator must use while using the machine
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Increase of lamp life

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