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Glue-Save - Adhesive saving system


General features

Glue-Save - Glue-Save

The fragmentation system GlueSave (GS) is a universal system for bonding lines, it allows the fragmentation of the traits of disbursed adhesive and then introduces a saving in adhesive consumption.

The ease of installation, combined with the small size and the immediate effectiveness of its use make it an easy, effective and a safe investment that can pay for itself in a short time.

Thanks to the over-boost function of which is equipped GlueSave (common feature to the other driver products from Emmeci Electronics), it is possible not only to fragment the sections of adhesive, but also lead to an improvement in the functioning of guns.

Depending on the percentage of savings and set the duration of the gun controls the GS will manage the fragmentation of the adhesive portion in a completely automatic way.

Emmeci Electronics provides a GS POWER feeding unit that allows the simultaneous feeding up to 8 GS.


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