Processing boards for fast applications

The MC-PLC board is an analog and digital signal processor, while the POT8 board is a digital signal processor, both designed to be used in all those applications normally carried out with PLC systems.

Compared to PLCs, they have a processing speed at least 10 times higher, due to the fact that the program they contain is developed by Emmeci Elettronica technicians on customer’s requests. This feature allows the optimisation of the hardware resources of the boards, thus increasing their performance.

With MC-PLC and POT8 it is therefore possible to manage applications where PLCs would be inaccurate due to their inability to follow short time signals or which would require additional cards to manage fast events.

The 2 boards can operate independently or be combined to increase functions, number of inputs/outputs or performance.

The MC-PLC board, in its basic version, is equipped with the following resources:

  • 8 opto-isolated bidirectional inputs (NPN or PNP), some of which can be associated with special functions (management of signals with durations in the order of millionths of a second or measurement of frequencies and/or timings)
  • 8 NPN or PNP outputs (to be specified when ordering) with max. current of 100mA (non-inductive)
  • 3 x 10-bit analogue inputs
  • An RS232 serial interface (or RS485 as an alternative) for connection to a PC or various types of interface modules, capable of adding WiFi, Bluetooth and LAN interfaces.
  • A non-volatile memory (EEPROM) of up to 256KByte for storing data and configurations
  • 2 synchronous serial lines for expansion modules (additional inputs/outputs, display units, high-precision analogue/digital and digital/analogue converters, memory expansion, etc.).

The POT8 board, on the other hand, is equipped with rotary switches, which allow operating parameters to be set without using the serial interface.

  • POT8, in the basic version, is equipped with the following resources:
  • 8 opto-isolated inputs (PNP)
  • 8 PNP outputs with max. current 100mA (non-inductive)
  • A 6-way dip-switch
  • 8 rotary switches with 10 positions, through which parameters can be set on the MC-PLC board, without the need to add programming terminals or PC interfaces