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EASY-CHARGE - Automatic feeder for glue granules

Accessories and complementary equipments

General features


The EASY-CHARGE is an automatic loader for adhesive granules able to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability, low noise, modularity and compatibility towards the plants Hot-Melt most widespread on the market.

Using EASY-CHARGE there is a drastic reduction of the char present in the tank, safeguarding of line operators by reducing the contact with hot-melt adhesives by maintaining a constant level of molten adhesive to prevent unwanted production stops.
The complete diagnostic allows an easy understanding of the status of the system and a fast identification of these anomalies (empty tank, cover open, absent pneumatic pressure, etc.), with the possibility of activation of an output for driving optical alarms and / or acoustic.
The modularity allows EASY-CHARGE support up to 4 comtemporanemente lines, in a completely independent manner, even in the case of heterogeneous systems and different manufacturers.

Why choose EASY-CHARGE

  • Ease of installation on both new installations and in those already existing, because it needs only electrical and pneumatic power and without special calibrations without requiring tampering with the installations of union. Need only 5 operations to connect Easy-charge:
    1. Insert the Easy-charge side plug
    2. Plug into the level sensor board
    3. Connect the cable of the levels to the card sensor
    4. Connect the air line to the “AIR IN” of the Easy-charge
    5. Plug into the power line
  • Innovative supply system of the suction pump, thanks to the motor with agitator blade too compact adhesives are, however, divided and aspiration by a powerful Venturi pump.
  • Silent of the power supply system due to the elimination of the pneumatic vibrator, replaced by the more efficient system with agitator blade.
  • Modularity of the loader that allows to connect up to a maximum of 4 independent systems at the same tank thus making EASY-CHARGE an economic and versatile system.
  • Simplicity of use: thanks to the display and the LEDs on the control panel, each part of the loading process is displayed making intuitive control the operation.
  • Versatility: can be installed on any type of plant, thanks to the fact that Easy-charge is provided with a lid which replaces the one already present in the applicator tank.


The optional EASY-FIL filter is installed on any EASY-CHARGE system and prevents the infiltration of dust or small objects inside the applicator tank. It also prevents the molten fumes generated by the adhesive can disperse into the enviroment.

The filter is particularly recommend in very dusty places where pollutants migth seep through the small holes of aeration present in the hopper (eg. sugar, salt, flour, for building adhesives, etc.).


EASY-FIL is available in 2 versions:


  • EASY-FIL standard paper filter for general purpose


  • EASY-FIL/HE with active carbon filter with high filtering power, for applications where it is necessary to minimize odors of adhesive dispersed in the environment
 kit easy-fil
Standard Filtering Kit


 kit easy-fil
High Efficiency Filtration Kit



Thanks to this group repeater is possible to double the length of the tube that connects EASY-CHARGE to the hopper with respect to the traditional distance limit.

The kit includes the visible repeater group in the figure, the relative pneumatic control valve that feeds the suction pump and the pneumatic fittings to be installed on the suction lance present inside the tank.

NOTE: For the installation of the repeater group is necessary to provide a diam.6mm tire tube which runs parallel to the transfer tube granules.

The tubes for Easy-charge of the series RPT (lungh.3m cod.ECHT3203ARPT, lungh.5m cod.ECHT3205ARPT and lungh.10m cod.ECHT3210ARPT) are already equipped with the tire tube from 6mm, therefore the installation resulting greatly facilitated.



Thanks to this air treatment unit it is possible to remove impurities that may be present all’intermo the pneumatic system that feeds the charger and which could clog the suction pump of the granules, reducing the efficiency.



Thanks to this robust stainless steel support specially designed with adjustable feet of height is possible to maintain EASY-CHARGE lifted from the ground. And an optional especially useful in environments in which are carried out frequent washings.



If connected to the output of this alarm in the Easy-charge loader allows to visually draw attention to the presence of a fault in the load, identifiable by the error code displayed on the display unit of the present Easy-logic channel management.



If connected to the output of this alarm in the Easy-charge charger allows to recall acoustically attention to the presence of an anomaly in the system loading, identifiable by the error code displayed on the display unit of the present Easy-logic channel management.

The acoustic power of 106dB, coupled with the ability to choose the emitted known among 32 available, allow easy identification even in noisy environments.
The EASY-BUZZER warning device is designed for wall mounting, it is therefore facilitated the installation.





Technical details

Power supply 110-240 Vac 50-60 Hz
Pneumatic supply Dry air not lubricated
Air consumption (only in the charging phase) 411 Nl/min
Operating air pressure Between 5 and 8 bar
Noise < 70 db
Lenght of the transporting granules hose MAX 20 m (values increasable with optional repeater unit)
Drop height of the hose MAX 6 m
Diameter of transporting granules hose 30 mm
Hopper characteristic Anti-grip PTFE coated   Ø 60 mm
Max granules dimensions 12 x 12 mm
Pumping system Venturi pump
Compatibility Suitable with most common Hot-Melt systems and adaptable to particular ones
Tank capacity 120 liters – 32 gal US
Number of Hot-Melt applicators for each feeder 4 indipendent, also of different type and manufacturer
Tank dimensions (height x diameter) 107 x 73 cm   –   42.1 x 28.7 in


In my works I would like to automate the loading of hot melt systems. It’s possible?

Certainly. Emmeci Electronics produces for adhesive charger in Easy-charge granules. This charger ensures that the tanks of hot glue systems are always filled to the proper level, avoiding both the lack of adhesive, both overfilling of the tank, which would lead to overheating and deterioration.

How do I install a loader for adhesive granules hot melt on my system? I have problems with the maintenance of the system warranty?

The Easy-charge charger available as an accessory covers for the types of hot melt systems popular on the market. In its order must specify, among other options, even the type of hot melt applicator to be connected to the charger; in this way the cover will be provided to replace the original implant, which will not be altered, keeping also the eventual this warranty.
Emmeci Electronics continually adds new models of covers available for Easy-charge charger, so you are welcome to contact us for any special requirements.

In my works I have several lines with hot melt systems. If you want to automate the loading of tanks should I expect a charger for each plant?

Probably not, if the lines all use the same hot-melt adhesive. Each Easy-charge charger can manage up to a maximum of 4 lines simultaneously. The management limit of more lines through a single Easy-charge is given by the maximum distance of the tanks from the same hot-melt charger, which can not exceed 20-25m (40m with the appropriate repeater group) and the height difference to be overcome to step over any transit points of lift trucks or cargo (max. 6m).
It is not necessary that the hot-melt systems are all of the same brand or model, given that each of Easy-charge channel can be adapted to a different type of applicator.

I would use a multi-channel Easy-Charge charger to fill the tanks of the nearest lines, but I have to pass a corridor used by lift trucks or forklifts. What can I do?

Easy-Charge allows to overcome differences in height of 6 meters, height more than enough to override the transit corridors of forklifts. This difference, combined with the maximum length of the tubes (max 20m and 40m in the standard version with Easy-rpt repeater group) allows to solve many problems of installation on multiple lines.

In Easy-Charge charger can use any type of hot-melt adhesive?

Easy-Charge makes it possible to automate the loading of numerous types of hot-melt adhesives (EVA based, metallocene, polyamide, waxes, etc.) That comply with the maximum size of the granules to be transported (12x12mm). It is not possible to make adhesives boots in different formats from granules and tablets (pats, bags, etc.) or with a high tendency to form a compact mass.

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