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Maya – Tissue marking system

The ink delivery system MAYA has been realized in order to allow the deposition of the cutting reference for the tissue products (toilet paper, kitchen paper, etc.).

MAYA takes care of delivering an ink stroke on one of the end of the roll (battened) to allow the cutter to make the cut with a precise reference, allowing an excellent centering of the printed images with respect to the length of the roll.

MAYA is equipped with an automatic adjustment system of the amount of ink delivered, which allows to maintain constant the width of the line printed at different line speeds, enabling the use of the system also in systems in which the paper advances to over 600 m / min.

The system is equipped with various functions that facilitate the cleaning operations, loading and emptying system. The installation and the initials of the MAYA parameterizations are facilitated by the use of a ‘PC interface, while the operating parameters related to the amount of ink dispensed may be modified with ease through the programming keys on the front panel.

The MAYA comes complete with all the parts necessary for the construction of the plant (electric control panel, pump equipped with an ink reservoir, dispensing gun, etc.) With the exception of the transfer of the product pipes, from dimensioning according to the line on which the MAYA is installed (for the plant are usable common tubes for pneumatic systems).