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Ceramic scratchproof system

On a pre-existing line it had requested the addition of scratch-resistant wax on the surface of the tiles, to protect them from abrasion.

The tiles came out of the oven to groups of 7 pieces, but were not aligned.

The solution to provide a system provided with 7 guns was not optimal, for several reasons:

  • The presence of 7 guns would have required the use of two applicators capable of driving each 4 guns or the use of special solutions can handle 7 independent channels. The same control section would have required an increase in the number of sensors used (one per tile) and the use of electronics necessarily more complex. Obviously this plant complication would increase the cost and the difficulty of keeping it in perfect efficiency.
  • The amount of deposited wax would have been much higher, with a significant increase in the incidence of the cost of the wax on the final product.
  • Considering that the tiles had to be stacked in groups of 2 pieces affacciandone polished faces, the presence of wax on both surfaces would have made it difficult to coupling, in most there would have been a considerable increase of the total thickness of the stack, which would have forced the changing the size of the packaging cartons.

The solution studied by Emmeci Electronics has provided the use of a tile alignment system, which has led, in turn, to simplify the management of the plant, allowing the use of a single command for the activation of all guns.

The presence of 4 sun guns made it possible to use a simpler system, capable of delivering the wax only on the tiles 1, 3, 5 and 7, reducing the amount of product used and keeping down the total thickness of the pieces product stack.

The use of a programmer for sections of adhesive 4 Compact-plus / T channels allowed to drive correctly both the alignment section that guns, respecting, in the latter, the adhesive activation sequences / air sprayzzazione and thus obtaining an optimum result on the surface of the tiles.


Video system operation