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Loading facility on two floors with Easy-Charge

Loading centralized adhesive granules on 2 levels (EASY CHARGE)

The application made at the customer MILLS PIVETTI spa at the plant in Renazzo (FE) presents some particularly important aspects:

    • The granules of the tank is placed on the first floor and serves 2 hot glue applicators on the same floor and 3 installed on the ground floor.
    • The hot melt applicators are installed at a considerable distance from the main tank of the granules (distances ranging between 15 and 25 meters).
    • EASY CHARGE feeds 5 plants completely different from each other, thanks to the extreme ease of adaptation of the system.
    • The 5th plant food, which is used only in place of 4 °, is easily inserted, thanks to the new technology adopted in quick connectors.

These aspects make it in fact a machine EASY CHARGE UNIQUE.

Svideo Loading centralized on two floors