High performance for high application rates.

The CG650 gun has been designed to offer an alternative to the 88210 series of electropneumatic guns.

Compared to electropneumatic guns of any type, the CG650 offers three major improvements:

– It does not require connection to pneumatic systems, as it is activated by an electric control. This makes it not only easier to install, but also completely silent;

– Higher dispensing speed: compared to equivalent electropneumatic guns, the CG650 is able to work at much higher speeds (depending on the viscosity of the fluid used, it is possible to dispense in less than 2 milliseconds);

– Longer life due to the fact that there are no gaskets on the moving parts, typical of pneumatically operated guns.

It is equipped with a micrometric adjustment knob on the rear of the gun that allows to measure the size of the fluid droplets dispensed.

The electromagnetic gun requires EMMECI drivers with over-boost in order to guarantee good performance and high operating speeds:

  • HV2012

The CG650 gun is able to operate with fluids of various kinds*, such as cold adhesives, essences, oils or other liquids with medium/low viscosity.

* A special solvent-resistant version is available for use with chemically aggressive fluids.