Fluid transferring system

The fluid transferring system FLJ57 has been designed to be used in any application where the pumping of medium-low viscosity liquids is needed.

It’s completed with its stainless steel support, which allows for a quick installation.

  • Size: 300 x 340 x 150 mm (millimeters);
  • Flow rate: 26 L/min (liters per minute);
  • Air supply pressure: 1 / 6,5 bars.

Compared to other fluid transfering systems like piston pumps, FLJ57 offers many advantages:

  • High reliability thanks to the usage of a maintenance-free double-diaphram pump;
  • ease of usage and maintainment: The system’s cleaning is easy due to the presence of the removeable filter;
  • Affordability, The diaphram pump used in the system is amiantenance-free and particularly affordable;
  • Simple installation, the system only requires the attachment of the pneumatic pressure of the line and the insertion of the dip tube inside the tank.